Brief introduction

With OSC Matrix it is possible to connect multiple OSC devices or software products. To achieve this, messages are sent to the matrix, which then dispatches every message to one or multiple receivers. Besides that, OSC Matrix can translate OSC messages to MIDI and the other way around. One simple application is the control of multiple programs (e.g. DAW, MIDI controller and monitoring solution) with one control surface. But also more complex situations are possible.


OSC stands for “Open Sound Control” and is a control protocol which was developed for audio applications. It is a network based protocol which, thanks to its simple implementation gets more and more spread. OSC also can be used without a real network connection between multiple applications on one PC. One can see a modern and flexible alternative to MIDI in OSC.

OSC Matrix

In the OSC Matrix software, multiple OSC inputs and outputs can be freely configured. To do so, network ports are set for inputs and port & IP address of the target application are sset for outputs. This is also one major restriction of many OSC implementations: One incoming port in Windows only (mostly) can be used by one application. Like that, without OSC Matrix one OSC transmitter only can be connected to one “receiver”.

The set inputs and outputs now can be connected freely in the routing matrix. By default, all inputs are connected to all outputs, but every crosspoint can be set as needed.

  • 8 free configurable in- and outputs
  • Matrix view for the routing: For every input it can be chosen to which outputs messages are sent
  • Address filter for every crosspoint
  • Logging view of incoming messages and of their targets

Furthermore, for every crosspoint (for every route from an input to an output) there is a filter. OSC messages can be routed according to their address.

  • “White List” or “Black List”: Either only specific messages may pass or specific message are filtered.
  • Standard OSC wildcards are available: e.g. * for any string
  • Fast setup: Filters can be copied to all adjacent crosspoints, either horizontally or vertically

To also connect to MIDI devices, OSC matrix can offer translation between OSC and MIDI in both directions. With the flexible configurable translation tables, devices which are otherwise incompatible can communicate.


You can obtain a full license for OSC Matrix via our reseller SharIT here.

If you are a individual person based in Germany, you may buy the license directly from us without the addition of taxes (“Kleinunternehmerregelung”). In this case, please contact us.


Here you can download the application. Without a license, the software automatically terminates after 15 minutes and has to be restarted, but you may also get a 30 day demo version. For this purpose or if you have any question, please contact