If your recording workflow contains multiple songs or parts in one project you might know this: You render each part into its own file by defining regions, send these files out to be listened by your customer or colleagues, and get back a list of times to review. But now these times refer to the start of the individual file and you can’t find the exact place in your project…

To come around this problem in reaper, I created a unique clock that is configurable to display different “offset” times:


  • Time since project start (the “normal” time)
  • Time since previous marker (if you mark parts with markers)
  • Time since previous region start (if you mark parts with regions)

Additionally you may select between “Hours:Minutes:Seconds” and “Measures.Beats” for the time unit


You find some additional information and the script itself on my git server. Feel free to send me a mail if you have some suggestions or want to contribute!