Sine Checker lets you check audio files that contain a single, continuous sinewave for dropouts or missing samples. It can be used to evaluate digital audio systems like Audio over IP connections and recording setups. With this simple approach it is possible to test systems under real world conditions.

Examples for systems to check could be Dante based recording solutions, low latency ASIO drivers, AVB recording systems and many more. While most of theses systems bring their own monitoring tools, these have been proven to be inaccurate (not report errors correctly) in some cases. With Sine Checker you get the ability to test the variable that matters, which is the audio signal itself.


  • Fully automatic analysis
  • Support for *.wav files up to 32bit / 96kHz
  • Detailed error logging

  • Detects dropouts and “missing sample” errors

  • Ability to generate test tone files


To obtain a full license for Sine Checker, please contact us! Currently there is no automated onlinshop available but usually you will get a reply within less than 24 hours. Please include a full invoice address and if you are buying as a individual person or for a business.

The cost for a license is 19€ (no taxes will be added, according to the german small business regulations but businesses will get a “Reverse Charge System” notice on the invoice). Payment options include wire transfer and PayPal.


Here you can download the application. Without a license, the software runs for 5 minutes with limited functionality befor it has to be restarted. If you have any questions, please contact