Unlike some other DAWs, Reaper does not have the ability to give each “Take” (every time you press the record button) a unique number. Also there are some shortcomings with Reaper’s way to handle it, if you record over existing material while keeping the older version(s).

So, inspired by my other DAW Samplitude, I created a quite extensive script which can handle my workflow better.


  • Give every take a unique number, no matter which track, by altering track names after each recording
  • Name the takes on every track with this number and the track name
  • Crossfade items after record (instead of do a fadeout – fadein on overlapping items…)
  • Group items of same take (either all of them or only the ones on the same track)
  • Resizeable window that displays take number and turns red while recording
  • Some other stuff…


You find some additional information and the script itself on my git server. Feel free to send me a mail if you have some suggestions or want to contribute!